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Juliano Abramovay

Classical guitar, Oud and Fretless guitar

Juliano Abramovay Guitar

Juliano Abramovay is a multi-instrumentalist and composer. While studying classical guitar at São Paulo's Municipal School of Music with Paulo Porto Alegre and Daniel Murray, Juliano began to branch out from traditional guitar technique mastering fretless guitar, baglama and oud, as well as researching traditional music from Greece and Turkey. He completed his musical studies with a master at Codarts - University for the Arts (Netherlands), under supervision of Kudsi Erguner and Michalis Cholevas.



After an intense period of studying, Juliano created projects that merge the melodic richness of the Eastern Mediterranean traditional music with his background as a Brazilian musician, with the projects Amazononm  and Magma Project. He has worked as an organizer for the popular music series Winter Festival of Campos do Jordão and helps to run the label and arts collective Selo Risco. Also an active educator, Juliano recently taught at a multidisciplinary art program that works with youth in underserved São Paulo’s neigborhoods. He has also worked extensively as composer and performer for dance (with Morena Nascimento), theatre (with Martha Kiss), cinema (for Fernando Meirelles) and circus (with Sophia Oltmanns).

Juliano Abramovay Amazonon

The name Amazonon evokes the Amazon tribe from the Greek Mythology, at the same time recalling the exuberance of the Amazon rain forest. Not surprisingly, the ensemble was born from the encounter of musical universes from different traditions; the melodic richness of Greek (country of origin of Chrysanthi Gkika) and Eastern Mediterranean music combined with the rhythmic and harmonic deepness of Brazilian music, country where Juliano Abramovay was born. Jacobus Thiele (Germany) and Daniel De Boer (Netherlands) complete the group with an innovative rhythmical approach.

Amazonon Αμαζόνων

The ensemble interprets historic compositions from Greece and Turkey and contemporary pieces from musicians that are connected with the Makam idiom, the modal system observed in the Mediterranean and Middle East. The multicultural background from the musicians is a synthesis of how they relate to the idea of tradition; each song introduces new lights and colors to the presentation, and the variety of places where they originate helps to create a rich and diverse mosaic.

Mundus Quartet Juliano Abramovay Bence Huszar Emine Bostanci Sjahin During

The music of Mundus Quartet combines the heritage of timeless traditions stemming from the broad world of the contemporary modal, Makam and Sufi music originated from the Silk Road.

Mundus Quartet was founded in 2019 in the Netherlands, with musicians coming from different corners of the world. Their music is just as diverse as their origins, blending colorful soundscapes from Byzantine era, Minor Asia, Mediterranean and Balkan sounds to improvised contemporary music elements. The musicians, anchored in a vigorous tradition, are in phase with today's world and more than ever receptive to other musical styles.

Mundus Quartet
Magma Quartet Juliano Abrmaovay Ivan Vendemiatti Tarang Poddar

Magma Project

Magma Quartet proposes new combinations, formulas, musical colors and flavors.

The group was established in 2017 by musicians interested in expanding the original range of repertoire of their instruments. The fusion of the Oud, Fretless Guitar, Seven String Guitar (Juliano Abramovay) with Bansuri (Ivan Vendemiatti), Tabla (Tarang Poddar) and Congas/Pandeiro/Zabumba (Saulo Bortoloso) creates fresh arrangements of instrumental tunes and invites the Quartet to perform their original compositions with rich possibilities of rhythm, harmony and melody.

Magma is the core of the Earth, the Sun inside our planet, the place where everything meet and melt. It's the vital energy that is in constant motion and expansion, eventually overflowing to the surface and, by doing so, creating new territories.
The repertoire of Magma Quartet presents original compositions by Ivan Vendemiatti and Juliano Abramovay and pieces by Egberto Gismonti, Sivuca, Heraldo do Monte, Edmilson do Pife, Egildo Vieira and Guinga. It also brings influences and nuances from Turkish and Indian and music to the grooves from these traditions.

Magma Project


In a playful way the two artists Sophia Oltmanns (Juggling and circus) and Juliano Abramovay (Guitar) research the combination between juggling and guitar music.

The artists combine their own high level skills with new and innovative research in which they challenge the boundaries between their disciplines as well as each other.

Juliano Abramovay past projects

Previous projects

Past projects
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Juliano Abramovay Albuns


Juliano Abramovay Foto


Juliano is currently teaching at Codarts - University for the Arts (Rotterdam, Netherlands). He is experienced on a wide range of musical styles, from Rock / Indie to Pop, Balkan music and Brazilian music. 


He served as a music teacher and artistic tutor for the art program called Programa Vocacional and taught at the music school Atelier de la Music.

Click here to book a lesson now! Lessons can be in English, French or Portuguese. 

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